I am currently unable to accept new massage clients. 

Nutritional Therapy and Wellness Coaching services are available to both existing and NEW clients. 

Kathryn Tollefson


WI Lic #5010-146

It is my passion to help people feel better through nutritional therapy, wellness coaching, skilled manual therapy and more. Inspired by my own life-long health challenges, it is my goal to provide a safe and compassionate space for healing where a person’s whole self and unique situation are valued, respected and considered throughout the healing process.

I customize every session to meet the unique therapeutic needs of each client. I will take the time to listen to​ your concerns, carefully analyze your signs and symptoms and provide you wit​h the highest quality care possible. If a solution is not obvious, I wi​ll make every effort to find the answers. I will work WITH you to help you feel your best.

My Mission

  • Provide truly personalized care to every individual with whom I work, listening and adjusting to each person’s unique needs.
  • Provide simple and sustainable approaches to improving one’s health and wellness.
  • Take the necessary time to thoroughly assess each person’s comprehensive health picture to locate the root causes of issues.
  • Help each person better understand their body and health, and better navigate the wealth of health information available in today’s world.
  • Help ​people more effectively communicate with their physicians and other healthcare providers.
  • Help people reconnect with their body’s innate wisdom, rejecting diet culture, body shame and external food rules.
  • Provide skilled, knowledgeable therapeutic massage in a professional and safe environment.

Services Offered

  • Integrative Nutritional Therapy
  • Intuitive Eating and Wellness Coaching
  • Custom Therapeutic Massage

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What people are saying

"Kathryn is a true professional at what she does. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none!"


"Kathryn is extremely gifted and always helps with specific issues as needed. So wonderful every time!!"


"I highly recommend Kathryn- she is caring and professional and customizes each session to your issues to best serve you."


"Kathryn takes the time to understand what's going on with her clients. Very personable and professional. Highly recommend!"


"can I just say... AMAZING. Kathryn listens to me and listens to my body. Even with her deep tissue work, I leave feeling relaxed and Whole again. Highly recommend Kathryn- she is great personally, and I recommend many of my clients to see her as well!"


"Kathryn is the best massage therapist that I have ever been to. She has done more for my back pain that any doctor or physical therapist did. She very professional and personable."