COVID-19 Information

Since the emergence of COVID-19, I have been closely monitoring the information put forth by the CDC, WI health officials and Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals regarding the safety of practicing, heightened sanitation protocols and how to best keep everyone safe. 

The health and safety of my clients has always been my top priority and I have always followed universal standard precautions and all recommended sanitation protocols. With the emergence of COVID-19 some of these protocols will look as they always have while others have drastically changed. I have outlined below what you can expect moving forward to help keep you safe.

While there are never any guarantees, I feel confident that I can offer a safe environment and experience, utilizing the following protocols and guidelines. As the situation continues to evolve and more information continues to become available, these may change.

  1. Each of us has a unique situation regarding immune system health and risk factors of not only ourselves but our loved ones. Please base your decision whether to engage my services on your individual situation and comfort level.
  2. If you are unwell, experiencing possible COVID symptoms, have had potential contact with an infected individual, please cancel your appointment.
  3. If in the days following an appointment, you are unwell, experiencing possible COVID symptoms or discover you have had potential contact with an infected individual, please notify me immediately so that I may take necessary precautions to protect myself and my other clients.
  4. All individuals are asked to wear masks in all common areas of Alternatives Holistic Health and Wellness Center. 
  5. I am fully vaccinated and will be masked during all client interactions.